INDIVIDUAL STUDY: The Leaders and Members of Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association strongly encourage you to devote yourself to a complete and thorough first reading of The Urantia Book, from front to back, (or choose your topics) – just tackle it, and don’t let the size of the book alarm you. If you would rather listen to audio – that’s available too – and perfect for those who travel a lot. Download, read, search, or listen to The Urantia Book online, free of charge, at the Foundation website. Urantia Foundation is the original publisher and custodian of The Urantia Book and also responsible for translations into many other languages.

STUDY GROUP: Take a quantum leap in understanding–consider getting involved in a study group that focuses on the teachings of The Urantia Book. The multi-dimensional perspectives and enlightenment that result from a brain-storming session will prove to you why so many of us continue to attend, and host study groups! There are groups you can attend in person, and many virtual study groups to choose from. The Urantia Book Study Group Directory is an international resource in several languages that lists all of the study groups online at – just type in your zip code to find a list of groups in your area, including current contact information and group information.

IN-DEPTH STUDY: People who have been studying The Urantia Book for many years will tell you that they continue to find deeper meanings each time they read a passage in the book, even though they have read it many times before. We change and grow over time and as we do, more truth is revealed to our souls. This is exactly WHY we all continue to read and study! For focused in-depth study courses to accommodate students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, we recommend that you sign up for a course at UBIS the Urantia Book Internet School. Once you have become knowledgable about the teachings of The Urantia Book, you may even aspire to become one of the Facilitators of UBIS.

We also recommend that you check out the many excellent study topics recorded and saved in a free video library by the Education Committee of Urantia Association International.