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Sunday, August 20, 2023
10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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Hosted by Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association. Everyone is welcome to attend.
We hope to see you there!

~ In Person Event ~

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March 28-31, 2024

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Nature and Nurture of the Soul

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Recap of our past year:

GLMUA recently hosted their Annual Membership Meeting at Urantia Foundation on April 1st and even though traffic, zoom links, and missing lunches qualified the day as a true April Fools Day, all went well and normal business was completed. After the spontaneous good-natured lunch scramble, everyone enjoyed a topical study led by Benet Rutenberg.

GLMUA began a new service project in the “dark” months of the 2022-23 winter season, offering a Moonlight Worship Series featuring regional musicians performing a brief monthly Sunday evening worship session during the full moon nights of winter. The shorter seasonal days and long winter nights lend themselves to a social time of music and fellowship at a reasonable hour! Attendance may warrant another season in ’23-24 – we shall see! There certainly are many talented musicians in our Urantia community!

GLMUA continued its commitment to another year of Growing Together, a goal-oriented program that supports students of The Urantia Book in the pursuit of any goal of their choosing that relates to truth, beauty, or goodness. Growing Together was appreciated, and was brought back for a second year due to popular demand – with Julia Kelly-Smith facilitating the 2023 season ending in July.

GLMUA also cohosted the annual Holiday Program & Party which is done in partnership with First Society for Readers of The Urantia Book and Urantia Foundation. This event was held in person and via zoom. A meal was offered at the Foundation decked out with all of its festive winter beauty. GLMUA helped to bring some variety to the program by featuring Alice Wood – reporting on her recent visit to India and delivering a presentation about a service project involving children’s programs in schools.

GLMUA hosted its annual Jesus’ Birthday Celebration picnic which took place on a beach and was reminiscent of the Apostles on the seaside with Jesus. There was plenty of good food and fellowship in a stunning outdoor setting. Adults and children alike had an opportunity for joyful relaxation and socialization with people from across our region. Planning is currently underway for this year’s picnic, which will be held for the 3rd year at the same beach location, Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan on August 20, 2023. View Video

Janet Kratzat, Megan Fleming, Dr. Tom Sadler, and Robert Middendorf

Please make sure to extend a warm welcome to each of our newest members!

Janet Kratzat and her husband John reside in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and Janet has been involved in the Fort Wayne Society activities for several years – attending weekly meetings at the Meredith and Irene Sprunger home, and Janet is a regular attendee of and contributor to more than one Urantia study group. Being devoted individuals, Janet’s husband is also involved in faith ministry. We are very pleased to welcome Janet into our Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association fold – we feel she is a perfect fit!

Megan Fleming, an accomplished artist, and her husband, who is an author, spent a rewarding year in Egypt recently, bringing their young family to experience a different culture. Megan has been involved with organizing study group activities in Goshen, Indiana area for several years. We look forward to Megan’s future involvement with GLMUA as she brings considerable talent and experience to our team!

Dr. Thomas Sadler renewed his membership and gave a lovely presentation at the recent 100 year anniversary of the Forum, held at 533 W. Diversey Parkway. Tom is the great-grandson of Dr. William S. Sadler and visitors to the event enjoyed hearing Tom’s recollections of growing up in the family so closely involved in bringing the fifth epochal revelation to all of us – making countless happy memories there. Tom has been involved in higher education, and he will likely become much more involved with GLMUA service very soon. Tom has recently expressed a desire and willingness to accept more responsibilities and has just been elected as the GLMUA Secretary. We feel very pleased to have Dr. Tom Sadler on our team!

Robert Middendorf is our most recently added full member of Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association, and we are pleased to welcome Robert to the fold. Our president Alice Wood has spoken with Robert a couple of times to discuss his membership application, and said he’s a very kind man in his 70s. He’s been reading the book for about 30 years by himself, but with his wife passing away a month ago he finds himself wanting to reach out to The Urantia Book readers. He has lots of enthusiasm for talking about The Urantia Book – 30 years of wanting to talk about it pours out of him. He’s lived a few different places but currently lives in Detroit. They moved there because they wanted to be a part of a revitalization of the city. This week he is buying flowers to give away to the neighbors to plant on their properties. He wants very much to be of service.


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