About Us

Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association was chartered in March of 1994 and is a local affiliate of Urantia Association of the United States, and of Urantia Association International. GLMUA is celebrating 25 years of service to the Urantia community, and is currently the largest local association in the United States with 26 paid members, and a large group of people who enjoy getting our newsletter to help stay connected with kindred spirits, and up-to-date on upcoming events. This featured photo is of the GLMUA chartering ceremony in 1994 at Urantia Foundation in Chicago, taken by Mark Kurtz. Those present included Trustees Richard Keeler, George Michelson-Dupont, Phil Rolnick, and Patricia Sadler-Mundelius. A few international visitors joined in the festivities, and we were honored to have two original members of the Forum in attendance, Helen Carlson and Lewis Boggs, as well as many longtime students of The Urantia Book who had formed study groups throughout the four-state region that GLMUA serves, (all of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.) Those who turned out for the event included Damian Bondi, Joan Bondi, Michael Ferree, Susan (Grzeskowiak) Lyon, Eddie King, Mark Kurtz, Michael Mason, Kevin Schrock, Bob Solone, Jerry Strock, and Maggie Strock, among others.