Executive Board

Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association 2020

President: Alice Wood
Vice President: Bob Solone
Secretary: Rick Lyon
Treasurer: Tamara Strumfeld

Communications: Susan Lyon
Membership: Alice Wood
Program: Benet Rutenberg
Study Group: Barbara Newsom

On May 16th, 2020 the membership of Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association held their annual Spring Membership Meeting and Study Event via a Zoom Meeting (COVID-19 coronavirus). During the business meeting, elections were held to confirm the offices of President and Treasurer.

We extend a special thanks to the outgoing GLMUA President, Daniel Casko, for his faithful service during the past two terms in office. Danny’s willingness to serve, his enthusiasm and love for his fellow man eclipses everything else, and it showed during his tenure as President. Thank you Danny for the memories!

Tamara Strumfeld was appointed to continue as our Treasurer, after serving two terms by action of the Governing Board of GLMUA. Each year the appointment is reviewed and Tamara has continued to be confirmed on an annual basis for doing such a fine job of financial overseer and guardian of GLMUA funds. We offer sincere thanks to Tamara for her continued commitment to GLMUA service as our Treasurer!

We also extend a hearty welcome to our new President, Alice Wood of Green Bay, Wisconsin! CONGRATULATIONS to the 3rd woman ever to be elected as the GLMUA President! Coming from a great family upbringing, Alice has matured into a fine example of the very best in our next generation Urantia Book leaders. Alice has been actively creating helpful short videos to share the saving message of the teachings of The Urantia Book with others, and she is involved with publishing the newsletter for the Midwest Urantia community Pervaded Space. We wish her all the best, and offer our continued support during her time as President!