Executive Board

Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association 2023

President: ALICE WOOD
Vice President: JAY PEREGRINE

Communications: SUSAN LYON
Membership: ALICE WOOD

On April 1st, 2023 the membership of Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association held their annual Spring Membership Meeting, Luncheon, and Study Event in-person and via Zoom Meeting. During the business meeting, nominations were opened up to the floor for all paid members in good standing for the the offices of Vice President and Secretary. Elections were held to confirm new officers, Jay Peregrine for the office of Vice President, and Dr. Thomas Sadler for the office of Secretary. In addition, committee chairpersons were elected as voting members of the governing board, whereas they had previously been appointed non-voting members of the board.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the outgoing GLMUA Vice President, Bob Solone, for his faithful service during the past two terms in office, as well as his continued support and involvement over many years from the early days of GLMUA’s organization in 1993 and chartering ceremony in 1994.

Although we thank Bob for his fine service, we want him to know that everyone has enjoyed having our very own GLMUA “piano man” and we especially thank him for all the great memories he has provided by answering the call to perform for us at special events whenever he was asked.

We appreciate his many years of volunteer work at Urantia Foundation with reader services, representing GLMUA at the CLP (Council of Local Presidents) conclaves. He is certainly not off the hook for future involvement!


We also extend a very special thank you to the outgoing Secretary, Rick Lyon, who was appointed by the GLMUA governing board to step up to the office of Secretary when a vacancy occurred.

Since that time Rick has been elected to two additional terms as Secretary, and he always helped keep Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association running smoothly during transitions of leadership. Rick has always been the “go-to” guy – working hard wherever he was needed for events and conferences, including the 2004 International Conference.

Rick has proven his leadership ability and devotion by serving in just about every GLMUA office and committee in the past, as well as UAI Executive Director. He is the respected friend of the entire Urantia community.

We know that all of Rick’s talents will be put to good use in the future as we wish Rick continued success in his new pursuits as one of the executive team for The Center For Unity projects! He is bringing a lot of excitement, interest, and hope!