NEWSLETTER – Our Monthly GLMUA Newsletter is an electronic newsletter designed to inform you of all of our future events, and to keep you connected with the greater Urantia community in our four-state area of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and news from our national and international friends around the world. Editor of the quarterly newsletter named Pervaded Space, which serves the Midwest, is our President, Alice Wood. A calendar of events and other important information is available on our website:

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EVENTS – GLMUA has hosted many events in our 25 years, such as the Urantia Association International Conference 2004 in Chicago, the 2011 International Leadership Symposium, our Fall Study Series held in Chesterton, Indiana, annual Spring Membership Study Luncheons held at Urantia Foundation, August Jesus’ Birthday Celebrations (usually potluck picnics held in a beautiful natural setting such as Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, or Turkey Run State Park), our Holiday Parties & Program at 533 – jointly hosted by Urantia Foundation, First Society, and GLMUA, and our upcoming 2019 Midwest Conference for all readers of The Urantia Book in Normal, Illinois. Go to the EVENTS tab to click on the links to learn more, or register for the event.

LIBRARY – We are dedicated to putting the knowledge and wisdom gleaned from the past 80+ years into a library where all of the articles we have on hand can be preserved and enjoyed by future generations of readers. This new library will be a labor of love, and will grow as new materials are made available to us and added. Please feel forward any articles you believe may be an important addition for the library archives. Send to Susan Lyon. Feel free to copy and share any of the materials with others as well. In this way we can all appreciate the efforts and studies of those great minds who have gone before us. GO TO LIBRARY