Fostering study of The Urantia Book

We are ordinary people who have discovered an extraordinary book – The Urantia Book. Each of us has a unique story to tell about how we found the book. We share a love for God and wholehearted desire to do his will. It is natural to want to share what we have discovered with others, since God has shared himself with us, and we deeply feel this truth. We are truly blessed to have received this gift.

"This supper of remembrance, when it is partaken of by those who are Son-believing and God-knowing, upon all such occasions, the Master is really present. The remembrance supper is the believer's symbolic rendezvous with Michael. When you become thus spirit-conscious, the Son is actually present, and his spirit fraternizes with the indwelling fragment of his Father.

~ 179:5.6 The Urantia Book