Following Michael’s Plan

Following Michael’s Plan

“You cannot expect acceptance until 90% of the Brotherhood attains unity of purpose.”

January 6, 2008


Michael has a plan for the establishment and progress of this revelation on our world, and students of The Urantia Book have some part to play in it. But the plan Michael has in mind, and how, specifically, we are part of it, is not written down for us. We do know that the social destiny of this revelation is unity of spiritual purpose: first within our own community, and then for all of mankind. Therefore, we also conclude that the Revelatory Commission – acting with Michael’s authority – must have guided the formation of the original organizations to endow them with this potential destiny: “… no stream will rise any higher than its source no matter what technique of pressure or directional control may be employed.“ (Pg 909.8) 81:6.27  This must be the case, since the design of organizations with the potential for such a global destiny is obviously far beyond the limits of human wisdom.

With these two certainties about original design and potential destiny in mind, it is possible to recognize key features of Michael’s Plan, as it relates to us, by studying The Urantia Book and examining extant documents from the revelators. There are also the telltale marks left by the revelators in the historical record which illustrate the emergence of this ideal of organizational design. This evidence must be interpreted. But there is enough substantive and corroborating evidence to clearly discern certain key features of this ideal organizational design, and to understand why this design has the best potential to successfully establish and disseminate this revelation upon our world.


Epochal revelation is always given with practical guidance for those who will receive it. As The Urantia Book relates, this was true for the first four epochal revelations. It is true for the fifth.  The Urantia Book is accompanied by celestial guidance – both within the book and from the Revelatory Commission to the contact commissioners – on how we may best serve this revelation. Some of this guidance from the revelators has been conveyed to us by the human contact commissioners. We have come to think of all of this guidance as expressing Christ Michael’s Plan for mortal participation in the planetary establishment and progressive dissemination of this revelation. It is our solemn duty to seriously and sincerely reflect upon this farseeing guidance from those whose wisdom and experience immeasurably transcends our own. Much is at risk, even the success of this revelation in spiritually uplifting mankind.

There is a measure of disarray in our community which significantly hinders our cooperative efforts to be about our Father’s business. To the best of our understanding of Michael’s Plan, there are currently serious organizational divergences from it: divergences which are becoming established precedent. Ongoing disputes over organizational roles, responsibilities, and relationships result in enervating contention. The possible multiplication of publishers and socio-religious organizations – each claiming to be the true and original one – presents the potential for a significant obstacle to the world’s acceptance of this revelation. Continuation along this path of divergence from the ideal of spiritual unity at the heart of Michael’s Plan threatens the enduring establishment of this revelation upon our world.

For better or worse, this revelation was originally entrusted to our community; and it will be judged by others, in part, by the spiritual quality of our actions. It is our actual social harmony which will spiritually attract others to this divine gift from the Father. The social harmony of spiritual unity is the unerring measure of our usefulness to this revelatory project. Emotional attachments to the status quo must give way to a dedicated devotion to the progressive spiritual ideals of organizational harmony; the local universe of Christ Michael is so governed, as is the universe of universes. Rationalizations in favor of short-term objectives must be tempered with the long-term vision of spiritual wisdom. A better understanding of the original ideal of organizational design discloses enduring spiritual principles behind the guidance offered by the Revelatory Commission. A better understanding of these spiritual principles will help us to better interpret this revealed guidance – to more faithfully and effectively follow the spiritual wisdom of Michael’s Plan.

I.     Michael’s Plan

The Urantia Book is clearly a fulfillment of the promise made by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago: “He promised a new revelation of the kingdom on earth and at some future time ;…” (1863.5) 170:4.5  A Perfector of Wisdom informs us, by implication, that the book is given by the supreme authority of Michael: “… a Michael-bestowal world becomes the individual and personal ward of a Master Son and, as such, is wholly subject to his own plans and rulings.” (227.3) 20:4.5   We therefore conclude that the bestowal of this revelation is by the authority of Christ Michael. The guidance which the Revelatory Commission gave to the contact commission separately from the book contains essential principles of our social participation which are reflected in our key organizational roles and responsibilities: what we here refer to as Michael’s Plan.

The book, itself, contains no explicit instructions on exactly how this revelation was to be established on this planet beginning in 1955. The reasons are apparent. This revelation is intended to benefit all of mankind for a millennium or more; it would be inappropriate to include detailed instructions to the contact commissioners within a universe document intended for “all times and all peoples.” Equally as important, many of these communications give long-term guidance on how we should best organize our social efforts to serve the needs of this revelation; this information is more appropriately addressed towards leaders in these organizations. Finally, The Urantia Book, by itself, cannot authoritatively establish its own provenance. It is essential to the credibility of the book that centuries from now it can be definitively traced back to its true beginnings in the city of Chicago in 1955. Urantia Foundation can authenticate the material beginnings of the book, as long as it remains viable. These extra-book communications also give some description of the spiritual provenance of the book, which should prevent future generations from creating a mythology to explain its appearance.

Some of these communications from the revelators to the contact commissioners, or portions of them, still exist in the historical record. These communications outline the temporal authorities and responsibilities of the contact commissioners, Urantia Foundation, and Urantia Brotherhood. Within this historical record are: “A History of the Urantia Movement” by Dr. William S. Sadler 1, “Some Problems Confronting a New Religious Organization” by Bill Sadler 2, and “Christy’s History” by E. L. Christensen 3.

An overview of various revelator communications is contained in “Plan for The Urantia Book Revelation” by Carolyn Kendall 4[All subsequent quotations given without citations are from either the contact commissioners or the Revelatory Commission, and are all taken from her paper. The attribution for each quotation in this paper is detailed by page number in Appendix 1. Her paper is located on the website. This paper is also on the website, where each un-cited quotation is hyper-linked to its attribution in Appendix 1.] 

II.     The Original Plan for this Revelation

These revelator communications reveal Michael’s Plan for the creation of two human organizations with different and complementary roles and responsibilities to inaugurate and serve this revelation. The delegation and, then, transfer of certain temporal authorities from the revelators to the contact commissioners was initially accepted by virtually everyone in the Forum, the Seventy, and Urantia Brotherhood. With this general acceptance of authority, the contact commissioners were able to create Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood with the following key authorities and responsibilities to carry out the plan, which was formally approved by the Revelatory Commission in 1952:

  1. Urantia Foundation was established to be the one authoritative publisher of The Urantia Book to prevent confusion among future generations. 
    The Foundation was given the authority to copyright, publish, translate, and protect the original text. “The Foundation … derives its authority from the defunct contact commissioners…”   “The human aspects of The Urantia Book will be placed in the hands of the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation.”    “The book must be translated into many tongues.”
  2. The Foundation Trustees unofficially and personally launched Urantia Brotherhood as an independent organization. 
    “… the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation … shall act personally – unofficially …”  to inaugurate Urantia Brotherhood, but   “… no record of such action shall appear in the transactions of the Urantia Foundation.”   There was to be no written record of this informal act to ensure that the Brotherhood was officially a truly independent organization.
  3. Urantia Brotherhood was established to be the one organization to promote social order and to minimize organizational confusion. 
    “The Urantia Brotherhood — The plan of organization [constitution] as it exists on this date is hereby provisionally approved for the inauguration of the Brotherhood.”   There must be one Urantia Brotherhood to occupy the field.   “We must create an organization whose major purpose is to prevent other organizations and [is], therefore, the most benign.”   “We should foster an organization that will give every one a right to his own belief and interpretation but an organization that will prevent confusion, disruption and disgrace.”
  4. Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood were designed to work together as independent organizations to establish and foster this revelation. 
    “Though Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood work closely together, they are two distinct and separate organizations, with different responsibilities, duties, and prerogatives.”   “Ideally, the Foundation should remain in the background …. To the public the Brotherhood is the important organization.”
  5. Urantia Brotherhood assisted Urantia Foundation in safeguarding the name “Urantia”. 
    “You have not done enough to safeguard your name (Urantia) …. You must carefully register it with the division of government …that controls trade relations, Trademarks, and then you are protected in common law connected with a volunteer association such as you are planning in the Urantia Brotherhood …. This is one of your most important duties.”
  6. Urantia Brotherhood was established to socially disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book
    It was advised that social dissemination use a quiet, personal approach; at least until the time of the book’s “world-wide mission.”   “These instructions may be summarized as follows: 1. Study [the] methods employed by Jesus in introducing his work on earth. Note how quietly he worked at first. 2. We were advised to avoid all efforts to achieve early and spectacular recognition.” 
  7. Urantia Brotherhood was directed to train and certify leaders and teachers. 
    “An early publication of the Book has been provided so that it may [be] in hand for the training of leaders and teachers.”   “The Book belongs to the era immediately to follow the conclusion of the present ideological struggle.”   “Among the early activities of the Brotherhood was the organization of the School of the Brotherhood which began its first session in September 1956 ….” 
  8. Urantia Brotherhood was mandated to form thousands of study groups in preparation for that time “when men will be willing to seek truth and righteousness.” 
    “Thousands of study groups must be brought into existence …. Thus will the book be in readiness when the battle for man’s liberty is finally won and the world is once more made safe for the religion of Jesus and the freedom of mankind.”

A cursory review of actual historical events surrounding the formation and initial activities of Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood disclose numerous instances of strong differences of opinion, heated disagreements, and even disputes leading to legal actions. Yet, in the midst of this less than exemplary behavior, there was a general consensus about how the organizations should cooperate with one another. Those who were members of the Forum, then the Seventy, and then the Brotherhood earned this consensus by repeatedly hearing, over many years, the above “wise comments and advices” read to them by the contact commissioners. It was known that these “advices” were communications from the Revelatory Commission. There was, then, a fairly clear and well understood ideal of organizational design.

III.     Current Divergences from The Original Plan

As the understanding of this ideal organizational design has been gradually forgotten over the years, the organizations have gradually and increasingly diverged in their decisions and actions from the key roles and responsibilities which were originally outlined in those “certain wise comments and advices” read to the founders.

  1. The status of Urantia Foundation as the authoritative publisher of The Urantia Book is being challenged, creating the potential for future confusion. 
    The Foundation lost the U.S. copyright on appeal in 2002 – more than 20 years short of its expected duration. The Fellowship and Foundation are both currently publishing the text, but there is no acknowledgement in the Fellowship’s version that it is a copy of the original published by the Foundation, which obscures the true provenance of the text. The Fellowship and Foundation compete for book sales. Additional publishers of the book – and adulterated versions of it – will certainly appear in the future, adding to the confusion of competition. Multiple groups are creating translations in competition with the Foundation’s duty, seriously undermining the possibility for authoritatively accurate versions of The Urantia Book in other languages.
  2. Between 1975 and 1989, Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood both perceived increasing infringements upon their independence. 
    Each came to believe that its prerogatives and internal affairs were being interfered with to an unacceptable degree. This dispute over control and authority reached a point in 1989 where the organizations broke off formal relations. The Brotherhood informed the Foundation of its decision not to comply with certain Foundation policies, and the Foundation terminated its 1978 Licensing Agreement with the Brotherhood.
  3. There is no longer one Urantia Brotherhood organization. 
    Most of the original Urantia Brotherhood members and societies initially adopted the name “Fifth Epochal Fellowship” in late 1989, following the Foundation’s termination of the 1978 Licensing Agreement. The name was changed shortly thereafter to “The Fellowship for Readers of The Urantia Book.” The Foundation created the legal framework of a new fraternal organization in 1989 (Urantia Brotherhood Association) and worked together with readers to launch it as International Urantia Association in 1993. In 2007 the renamed Urantia Association International (UAI) became a fully independent organization licensed by Urantia Foundation for social dissemination. The Fellowship and UAI directly compete for members, donations, and influence.
  4. Cooperation between Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood ended in 1989. Cooperation between Urantia Foundation and the Fellowship has been limited. 
    In 1989, Urantia Foundation ended its thirty-four year relationship with Urantia Brotherhood as the sales agent for The Urantia Book. Fundraising activities by the Brotherhood on behalf of the Foundation were suspended at this time.
  5. The General Council of the Fellowship is not currently assisting Urantia Foundation in its duty to safeguard the name “Urantia”. 
    This 1978 Licensing Agreement also helped to protect the name “Urantia” as a permanent identifier of this revelatory project by strengthening its legal status as a trademark used under license. This is a shared responsibility between Urantia Foundation and those “volunteer associations” involved in social dissemination of the book. In 2007 the General Council of the Fellowship decided not to enter into an agreement whose purpose, in part, was to support Urantia Foundation’s trademark claim to the name “Urantia.”
  6. Urantia Foundation, The Fellowship, and UAI are all disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book. 
    The Foundation launched an internet school in 1999 to promote the online study of the book; a specific policy of this school is not to offer interpretations of the book. The 2006 UAI Charter limits it to dissemination only through personal service and attraction; the Charter specifically prohibits UAI from presenting any interpretations of the book as an organization. The Fellowship has no one policy on dissemination, although much of its current activities seem to be focused upon publications; neither its Constitution nor bylaws prohibits the Fellowship from presenting interpretations of the book.
  7. No organization is officially training and certifying leaders and teachers. 
    The School of the Brotherhood, begun in 1956, eventually ceased training and certifying teachers and leaders around 1975. The Fellowship Constitution mandates the training and certification of leaders and teachers, but the Fellowship has, so far, taken no specific actions to carry out this mandate. The UAI promotes the natural evolution of teachers but there is no provision in its Charter for officially training and certifying teachers and leaders.
  8. Thousands of study groups have not been formed. 
    The number of active groups seriously studying the book is difficult to measure, although it is most probably just a few hundred after more than 50 years.

The result of these diverging decisions and actions – essentially arising from disputes over who has what legitimate authorities – has our community trending away from this ideal organizational design. To the extent that we continue on this course, we lessen the potential of our destiny to fulfill Michael’s Plan for this revelation. As a stream can never rise higher than its source, our potential destiny can never rise higher than the ideal organizational design of Michael’s Plan.

IV.     The Authorities of Revelation

These competing claims of authority have been thoroughly rationalized and justified over the years. The Urantia Book gives us clear guidance on the various levels of authority associated with this revelation. Since our confusion is directly related to this question of legitimate authorities, The Urantia Book provides the following clarifications on these authorities.

1)   Universe Authority

The Urantia Book has universe authority as an official communication to mankind by the authority of Michael. Urantia is “wholly subject to his own plans and rulings.” (227.3) 20:4.5   The universe authority legitimizing each part of the book is clearly identified. Part I was authorized by the Ancients of Days. Parts II and III were authorized by Gabriel, Michael’s chief executive. Part IV was prepared under the supervision of a Melchizedek, who is of an order of being created in part by Michael. The authors speak with the authority delegated to them by the universe mandate they received to reveal truth to mankind. The Urantia Book is not the literal word of the Infinite Father, but it is the word of those sub-infinite personalities who are authorized to speak to mankind on behalf of God. Only in this sense is The Urantia Book the authoritative word of God.

2)   Spiritual Authority

“Faith, human religious insight, can be surely instructed only by revelation, can be surely elevated only by personal mortal experience with the spiritual Adjuster presence of the God who is spirit.” (1137.7) 103:7.1

The authors speak with official spiritual authority. The Divine Counselor states,  “ I portray the reality and truth of the Father’s nature and attributes with unchallengeable authority.” (32.2) 1:7.9   But the authors further declare that the Father directly exercises spiritual sovereignty in the self-consciousness of man through the divine Thought Adjuster. Nothing stands between the spiritual authority of the Universal Father and man. The ecclesiastical idea that spiritual authority can be delegated from God to man is a theological error. The Urantia Book is a materialized expression of spiritual authority, but this authority cannot be delegated or transferred to man. The Urantia Book(revelation) can surely instruct our faith, but the Universal Father exercises living spiritual sovereignty over man directly – to the extent that we have faith in him and in his indwelling spirit.

3)   The Authority of Spiritual Wisdom 

“The truth—an understanding of cosmic relationships, universe facts, and spiritual values—can best be had through the ministry of the Spirit of Truth and can best be criticized by revelation.” (1138.7) 103:7.8

The authors speak with the authority of spiritual wisdom, but they definitively state that Michael’s Spirit of Truth directly exercises the authority of spiritual wisdom within man. The Urantia Book is a work of spiritual wisdom by celestial authorities, but this authority can neither be delegated nor transferred; it can only be truly comprehended through the personal ministry of the Spirit of Truth. As revelation, The Urantia Book can best critique our understanding of the truth, but Michael’s Spirit of Truth authoritatively ministers to the living realization of spiritual wisdom within us – to the extent that we sincerely hunger for truth.

4)   Moral Authority 

“The Holy Spirit is partly independent of human attitude and partially conditioned by the decisions and co-operation of the will of man. Nevertheless, the ministry of the Holy Spirit becomes increasingly effective in the sanctification and spiritualization of the inner life of those mortals who the more fully obey the divine leadings.” (379.6) 34:5.5

The authors speak with the moral authority of righteous character. But the moral authority of The Urantia Book is discerned by the response of the Holy Spirit within the inner life; it cannot be delegated, transferred, or imposed upon others. It is the Holy Spirit which spiritually quickens our hearts in response to the truth of revelation. The Urantia Book is the work of righteous personalities, but moral authority is a living power exercised directly by the Holy Spirit – to the extent that we sincerely thirst for righteousness.

5)   Temporal Religious Authority vs. Spiritual Attraction 

“The characteristic difference between evolved and revealed religion is a new quality of divine wisdom which is added to purely experiential human wisdom.” (1101.5) 100:6.9

Religious authority is a temporal feature of evolutionary religion. It is not a feature of revealed religion. In evolutionary religion, man attempts to authoritatively imposetheological dogmas and beliefs upon the intellects of others. In revealed religion, divine wisdom elevates moral wisdom so that it becomes compellingly attractive to others, leading them to ask for understanding. Where religious authority seeks to promulgate some one interpretation of goodness, the spiritual attraction of revealed religion inspires a higher appreciation for the divine beauty of the spiritual values of Deity. Spiritual attraction resides with the spirits of God within man – to the extent of the abundance of spiritual fruit in the life of an eternalizing personality.

V.     Temporal Authority Associated with Epochal Revelation

None of the above authorities were delegated, transferred, bestowed, or granted to the contact commissioners. However, they both stated and implied that they acted with a temporal authority initially delegated to them by the revelators. It was by this legitimate temporal authority that the contact commissioners were able to implement the essential elements of Michael’s Plan. There is a clear precedent for this delegation and, then, transfer of temporal authority in the historical record of the Fourth Epochal Revelation.

1)   The Fourth Epochal Revelation 

“… to you and your successors I now deliver the keys of the outward kingdom—the authority over things temporal—the social and economic features of this association of men and women as fellows of the kingdom.” (1747.4) 157:4.3

In the case of the Fourth Epochal Revelation, temporal authority initially resided with Jesus. Jesus delegated some temporal authority to the apostles and exercised some directly. Jesus authoritatively established the essential elements of the plan for the social organization that was to disseminate his teachings. At Caesarea-Philippi Jesus formally transferred temporal authority over the outward kingdom to the apostles, which included authority over the social organization which would decide on techniques of study, methods of dissemination, and the training of teachers. Jesus did not delegate or transfer to the apostles either spiritual authority or the authority to change the truth of his teachings.

2)   The Fifth Epochal Revelation 

This same pattern is found in the historical record prior to the publication of The Urantia Book. Temporal authority initially resided with the revelators. The revelators delegated certain temporal authorities to the contact commissioners and approved the timing of the book’s publication. “In the absence of Midwayer intervention after February 11, 1954, the Trustees of the Urantia Foundation shall proceed in accordance with their own judgment.” The revelators formally transferred certain temporal authorities over the physical book to the contact commissioners, and to their successor Foundation, prior to the cessation of direct contact. The Revelatory Commission did not delegate or transfer either spiritual authority or the authority to change the text or the organization of The Urantia Book.

VI.     The Mark of Spiritual Wisdom: The Division of Temporal Authority

The claims and counter-claims of temporal authority have now become so entangled and complex that they no longer easily lend themselves to a piecemeal resolution. But there is a central feature of Michael’s Plan which offers a more comprehensive approach to these problems. The most astonishing feature of Michael’s Plan is the division of temporal authority between the publishing and the social dissemination organizations, where one has no official or direct control over the other.

1)   A Completely Original Concept 

Human wisdom dictates that there should be either a single organization or two organizations where one is directly subordinate to the other. This is the logical and rational way to prevent disruptive disputes over legitimate authority. This was, in fact, how the contact commissioners originally thought of organizing. In an April 1958 memorandum, Bill Sadler Jr. wrote that the original Brotherhood constitution (circa 1937) made no distinction between a Foundation and a Brotherhood. The original concept was to create a single organization to serve the revelation.

By August 1942, when the communication about protecting the name “Urantia” was received, the thinking of the contact commissioners had completely changed. Now they were talking about a new and completely original form of organization; something which no other spiritual or religious group had ever even thought of – creating two independent organizations with different but complementary temporal authorities. Given their full awareness of the solemn responsibilities with which they were charged, it is inconceivable that the contact commissioners would ever dare to proceed with such a radical and unprecedented plan without the firm guidance and full assurance of the Revelatory Commission.

This completely original form of social cooperation is part of the ideal organizational design at the center of Michael’s Plan. This is a unique feature which those in the Forum and the Seventy heard described repeatedly in various revelator communications. This social structure goes against all human reason and precedent by dividing temporal authority between two separate and independent organizations. A careful consideration of this astonishing feature reveals the clear mark of Michael’s spiritual wisdom.

2)   The Renunciation of Spiritual Authority 

“… the Celestial Revelators do not want any human being — any human name — ever to be associated with The Urantia Book. They want this revelation to stand on its own declarations and teachings. They are determined that future generations shall have the book wholly free from all mortal connections … The book does not even bear the imprint of the printer who brought the book into being.”

The Urantia Book is the most powerful and majestic document ever to appear on this planet. The world does not yet realize this truth, but once it does, the publisher of The Urantia Book will become directly associated in the eyes of the world with superhuman authority. Under the direction of the revelators, the contact commissioners foreswore the potential spiritual oppression of ecclesiastical authority, even though they were given physical possession of the book. This is in accordance with the ideal organizational design of Michael’s Plan. The contact commissioners, and their successor Foundation, are charged with custodianship of the book, but they are not to offer official interpretations – these would have the character of ecclesiastical pronouncements. The spiritual authority associated with The Urantia Book must reside exclusively with the book itself.

The custodian of the physical book must remain silent if The Urantia Book is to realize its potential of becoming a worldwide spiritual authority.

3)   The Renunciation of Religious Authority 

“It was inevitable that some sort of fraternal organization would grow out of the teachings of The Urantia Book …. It was clear that it was not the purpose of the Urantia Revelation to start a new church.”

In accordance with the ideal organizational design of Michael’s Plan, the revelators directed that the keys of temporal authority over the social features of this revelation – the outward kingdom – be given to Urantia Brotherhood. A church usually arises from its possession of a sacred text, which is a justification for religious authority. Urantia Brotherhood was discouraged from becoming a church in this sense. Urantia Brotherhood members were challenged to aspire to personal religion“… a new and higher type of religion, religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience.”(2087.4) 196:0.4   Michael’s Plan promotes social and moral unity through the personal faith-discovery of the one Spirit of God indwelling each individual; and this is the revealed religion of Jesus.

Only a revealed religion has the potential of becoming a worldwide spiritualizing influence.

4)   The Socialization of Spiritual Freedom 

“We should foster an organization that will give every one a right to his own belief and interpretation but an organization that will prevent confusion, disruption and disgrace.”

By these complementary renunciations of spiritual and intellectual authority, the truth of this revelation is set free to spiritually quicken and uplift man. In Michael’s ideal is found that divine wisdom which fosters the intellectual and spiritual growth of the individual, a society, a culture, and a civilization. Urantia Brotherhood was set free to explore and discover the new interpretations, the new cosmic understandings, and the new spiritual realizations of revealed religion. These ever improving interpretations, expanding understandings, and deepening realizations of the spiritual brotherhood of revealed religion bear the social fruit of ascending wisdom.

Only the ascending wisdom of the spiritual brotherhood, passed on from one generation to the next, has the potential to spiritually uplift world civilization. 

VII.     The Triunity of Revelatory Ministry

“You who dedicate your lives to the service of the Book and the Brotherhood can little realize the import of your doings … you are participating in the birth of a new age of religion on this world.”

The spiritual wisdom embodied in the ideal organizational design of Michael’s Plan creates three independent agents of revelatory ministry. The Urantia Book is a revelation from the Father – an independent agent “wholly free from all mortal connections” which has spiritual authority. The Foundation is that independent agent given the temporal authority over the custodial needs of the Book itself. The Brotherhood is that independent agent given the temporal authority to serve the social needs of the Book. This creates a triune association of ministry at the heart of Michael’s Plan which will lead to “the birth of a new age of religion on this world.”

Only one Book, one Foundation, and one Brotherhood, unified in spiritual purpose under God, has the potential to give birth to a new age of religion on this world.

It is our privilege and our duty to seek an understanding of Michael’s Plan to the best of our ability. Choosing to follow Michael’s Plan will require us to make certain organizational adjustments, which will, in turn, require a rebuilding of trust. And we must rebuild this trust. Upon our mutual trust depends the planetary reception of The Urantia Book as an epochal revelation from God.

In devoted service to Christ Michael and to the Universal Father.

We, the students of The Urantia Book whose names appear below, believe that this revelation is best served by following the principles of Michael’s Plan, to the best of our understanding and ability; we are committed to applying these principles, as individuals, within our respective organizations in all deliberations relating to our responsibilities to the fifth epochal revelation:

This list is comprised of co-authors and reviewers of Following Michael’s Plan at the time of publication. To add your name to the Supporters List please visit

        George L. Park
        Carolyn Kendall
        Barbara Newsom
        David Elders
        Nick Stefero
        Charles Laurence Olivea

        Gary Deinstadt
        Marta Elders
        Nancy Grimsley
        Vern Grimsley
        John Hales
        Liza Palm
        Paul Snider


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Each citation includes two references. 

The first reference (909.8) gives the Page Number and Paragraph Number, counting from the top of the page of the Urantia Foundation printings. [page 909, 8 paragraphs down from the top.] 

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